NEW Double Wefted - Designed to maximise volume

Beauty Works Gold Double Weft is our ultimate in Premium Remy Human Hair. Long lasting, tangle free and super thickness every time.

Beauty Works Gold is a revolutionary new weft design unique to Beauty Works. Our thickest hair extension weft yet, compacting 150g of Double Drawn remy hair onto a flat double wefted lace design. The double drawn hair is ultimate luxury, hand selected and cuticle retained ensuring all hairs are the same thickness from route to tip. The weft is double drawn to ensure all lengths are the same, the result is thicker, natural looking hair from root to tip. Our unique lace design allows the hair to be double wefted onto a lace weft to create super thick extensions with more hair but less weft. Beauty Works Gold is soft to the touch, full of lustre and retains its vitality and elasticity after many months, allowing the hair to be re-used.

Our luxury lace weft prevents shredding and compacts the double wefetd hair onto a flat lace weft, allowing professionals to apply extensions faster. Achieve perfect extensions with all over coverage with our unique lace weft system.

Revolutionary new lace weft design

► Double Wefted ► Double Drawn - Thickness from root to tip ► Premium Remy - Grade AAAA ► Cuticle Retained - Long Lasting ► 150g per pack - More Hair ► 36" Width Weft for extra thick rows

Super Soft              Long Lasting              Tangle Free                      Super Thickness

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Price: £210.00

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